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Take these 3 principles and apply them to every single workout you DO!

There are 3 important principles of programming you need to apply with your training.

1. VOLUME: Ensure you do not over train and burnout, or under-achieve and not get enough out of your training. A good program understands these concepts. 2. MOVEMENT PATTERNS: Pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, and carrying are not all created equal. You should pull more than you push. Your core is the basis for creating speed and power. Legs create force. The way you incorporate these movement patterns in your training will deliver a desired result. If your program does not deliver these movement patterns in an optimal format, you will not reach your goals. 3. BALANCE: Too much lifting and not enough conditioning will not result in the body composition you desire. Too much conditioning without lifting will result in zero muscle mass. Programming needs balance or you are just spinning your wheels and losing ground. Your program needs to move you forward, progressing you toward your goal, not away from it.

If you need help with your programming and training, please don't hesitate to give a buzz!


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