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How Does the Body Heal Itself During Sleep?

Sleep can heal us from the inside out. What is better than having benefited from those unconscious hours of inactivity? We have tissues inside the bones that contain stem cells. These cells are much needed to build the blood cells of our body. Healthy sleep is as important as the daily exercise to fulfill the basic necessity for a healthy body.

It is even more helpful for our mental health.

Apart from the above, there are some other incredible ways our body heals during sleep. Optimal sleep can:

  1. Protect the heart during workout stress

  2. Give us the physical and mental strength

  3. Regulate hormones

  4. Strengthen the bones

  5. Improve metabolism

  6. Improve our recovery

  7. Develop new muscle fiber

  8. Repair brain cells

  9. Stabilize emotions

  10. Improve our focus

How Can Sleep Heal Muscles After Working Out?

Sleep reduces stress - mental as well as physical - and give us positivity & strength to get up and work out the next day. Sleep deprivation affects your body negatively and reduces willpower.

Specific hours of deep sleep keeps every organ and biological process healthy and functioning. Optimal sleep functions are like our healing tools. Don't underestimate the power of SLEEP!


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