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The key to longevity is knowing when to pick your battles and avoiding failure:

Getting stronger is still about increasing weight or doing more reps with the same weight. However, we have to accept that progress is no longer going to be linear. Instead, we have to focus on other training perspectives. If you haven’t hit a PB this week, DON'T STRESS ABOUT IT. If you haven’t PB'd anything in awhile, then maybe you need to evaluate things. Never get frustrated and try to force every day to be the best day ever in the gym, you’ll get nowhere (even more so, you'll become more frustrated).

Example: Do you have a noticeable limiting factor for a movement (we can usually figure this out based on where we miss a lift)? Focus on, putting in the work to improve that area, and the improvements will come (technique, hypertrophy , work capacity etc). Otherwise, be more consistent, get your nutrition on point, improve on your sleep , and take care of the boring shit outside of the gym.

MAXIN OUT (RaaaaaaaaH): You should rarely be doing a true max lift often. YES (I know), when we first start out, PB's and strength gains is all that matters. BUT, as you progress and become stronger, you should rarely push past an RPE of 9. That extra 10-15kg on the bar, or that extra rep or 2 will only add a day to your recovery without providing any meaningful additional training effect. Most experienced lifters/trainers will know what I mean by this. Take home note - Always leave a rep in the bank - especially if you're struggling and the lift is a pointless act (social media likes count as a pointless act also).

All the best with your strong journey - for more information, please feel free to give us a buzz!


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