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Focus on your own game!

Comparison is always a BS topic that seems to poke it's ugly head up with many of my current and previous clients, or during the occasional group discussion I have with others when it comes to health , strength & success.

Here is my 2 'Soul Fit' cents worth regarding 'comparison'. At the end of the day, comparison does nothing for you - it's only a perspective or an opinion (It's BS....... It means 'nothing' and holds no 'value' for you).

STOP looking around... Focus on YOU!

Don’t worry about what others are doing... Focus on YOU!

Don’t get distracted by things that you don’t control and that don’t impact you... Focus on YOU!

Don’t unfairly compare yourself to others... Focus on YOU!

If someone else does well and appears to be more successful than you, WELL DONE and GOOD LUCK to them... Just FOCUS ON YOU!!

Take home note -- Just focus on what you’re doing and stop tangling yourself up in BULLSHIT!

Look straight ahead and run your own race.

Be the best YOU can BE (BE YOU).

Dominate your lane and focus on your own GAME.

All the best with your 'own' success!


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