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7 Reasons Why You Keep Failing At Your Health, Strength & Fitness Goals

1. You don't write your goals down:

Studies show that those who write their goals down (literally with a paper and pen) are more likely to succeed. So write down your goals and keep them visually around you! We recommend writing down three solid goals that are measurable and timely - respect your goals and take them seriously!

2. You have no timelines or deadlines:

Your goals need to be measurable and time sensitive. Give yourself a deadline and work towards it (Don't fart ass around with a wishful idea) ! Ensure that you have a method for measuring your goals! Before pics work great for those of you looking to lose weight and feel better.

3. You quit too soon:

Our bodies are a complex machine that needs TIME to adapt to the training and diets. Results don't happen straight away - Furthermore, habits take over 21 days to form… so don’t just quit if you do not see results immediately. Stay focused, Beat the BS and continue on; You will eventually be rewarded with the results (You just got to be patient).

4. You skip workouts and training days:

This is not rocket science - if you are inconsistent and lazy, don't expect results. Training must be repetitive and progressive… eg. You have to practice consistently in order to get stronger and better.

5.You don't meal prep or prepare yourself:

Another BIG one! Stop the guess work and set yourself up for success! Plan your meals and snacks, go shopping and meal prep! Nutrition is a key component to any goal you want to achieve. Make a grocery list, go shopping and cook (Stop being lazy)!

6. You are not prepared to sacrifice:

YES, getting the goals and results you desire requires sacrifice! If you are unwilling to make a few sacrifices, then forming new healthy habits will be very difficult. Write down what you are willing to sacrifice in the short term to get to your goals. Can you cut out the alcohol for a few weeks? Are you able to commit to earlier bed time to hit the gym early morning? Can you make time to hit the gym after work?

7. You Are just too lazy:

Remember you have to push out of your comfort zone in order for your body to become faster, stronger, leaner. Lifting the same weights, doing the same routine, and taking long breaks will not help you improve. Make sure you have a program that is specific and progressive.

If any of the above sounds familiar, make sure to create an action plan and FIX IT. It may be useful to also check out a structured training and meal plan to help you achieve your goals - if you do need support in this area, please feel free to give a buzz.


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