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Getting The Results You Desire

Making big lifestyle changes to get the results you desire doesn't happen by accident or fluke, it takes a shit load of work, consistency and it takes some planning and prioritizing. Planning your success is something people often miss; if you're not planning, setting yourself goals and making yourself accountable - you're planning to FAIL. You need to plan specifically what you want to achieve, and how you're going to go about making sure you get there. Example.....


1. Ask Yourself This Question!! What is it that you want to achieve?? Be specific, decide the exact number of kg's on the scales, decrease in body fat percentage you want to lose, what size clothing you want to fit in or the exact amount of kilograms you want to add to your personal best lifts. Write it down (and make it a statement of intent and action). Example: I am going to lose weight and fit in the clothes I desire... I am going to get strong and reach my lifting goals...

(This is different to “I need to lose weight and get strong or I wish blah blah blaaaaaah.... BULLSHIT”)

2. Your Daily & Weekly Tasks (mini goals of action)!! Once you’ve done that then you need to figure out what are the weekly and daily tasks you need to complete to make sure you actually get there. Write them down too. Examples: I will train at the gym three times a week. I will follow my meal planning everyday. I will not let my bad days defeat me. 3. The Challenges!! Next, you need to write down all the challenges you think you will face on a daily and weekly basis and state how you will overcome those challenges; and give yourself 'reasons' WHY you won't let them defeat you. Example: - I will overcome my nutritional challenge by preparing my meals everyday.

- I will overcome my laziness by ensuring I get to the gym on my training days regardless of how I am feeling.

- I will overcome my bad days by challenging myself everyday and not letting it defeat me. 4. Create A Routine/Program of Action!! Once you’ve written down what you want to achieve, what you are going to do and what your challenges may be; the next step will be to stop the talking and writing - it's time to action everything and grab those goals and results you desire. Example:

- Pick a program you are going to enjoy (Don't do shit that doesn't interest or inspire you).

- Don't pick a nutritional plan or approach you keep failing to execute.

- Do shit you know you can consistently stick to.

- Don't set yourself up for failure by attempting to do complicated shit; don't make it anymore difficult than it has to be.

- Listen to your coach and trainer.

I will close out this latest SFTM blog with this - Keep all of the above 'real', don't just write shit down for the sake of making yourself feel better for the short term; if you know you can't stick/DO to it, don't BS to yourself and write it down... You're only lying to yourself!

If you really want to achieve it - You will do what ever it takes until you get there, regardless of how long it's going to take you and how difficult it may be sometimes!!

All the best with your journey #NoExcuses #BeatTheBS


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