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What Are You Willing To Do? #SFTM

Tonight I am going to give you a brief insight into the less appealing part of success, goals and achievement that doesn’t get enough attention. It doesn't matter how small or big your goals are, you will face struggle, doubt and failure during the process, and it is going to f#cking suck some of the time also.

If you can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for this you will have an understanding that this is one of the drivers that demonstrates ''what are you willing to do'' to achieve your goals, and how strong are you to handle the tough shitty patches and setbacks that inevitably arise.

THE SACRIFICE FREE MYTH (The easy route to success):

You must be willing to sacrifice many things to achieve your goals and reach success. The S-word (Know it isn't the SOUL word either. LOL) has received a bad rap lately. Modern culture and media demonstrate that we can have our cake and eat it too (The quick and easy route). Common ad headlines such as the following should immediately come to mind: “Lose 10-20kg in 6 weeks eating whatever you want”, or “Get a six-pack without having to go to the gym, all you need to do is jump on a vibrating machine”; We are being told that we can have the best of both worlds without going through setbacks, struggle, abit of pain and failure.

Anything worth achieving comes with a shit load of sacrifice and dedication. Generally speaking, the bigger the goals, the harder you will have to work, the more you will have to sacrifice. If you have alot of weight and fat to lose, but you aren’t willing to put in the long term drive to show up to every workout and track your nutrition than it’s probably not going to happen. If you want to make some massive strength gains, but you aren’t willing to go above and beyond in the gym, then your odds of success are highly not likely going to happen. If you want to to feel healthy and confident, but don’t believe in the lifestyle, then I have some bad news for you ''DEFINING WHAT SACRIFICE IS — AND ISN’T''.

Let’s consider what the word sacrifice actually means. It doesn’t mean giving up something for nothing – even though for many people that could be the common definition that comes to mind.If anything, it is the opposite. We aren’t giving up something we want for something we don’t want. We are giving up one thing in order to gain something ''greater'', eg; slowing down on alcohol and takeaway food to become ''healthier, happier and stronger''. The hard part about sacrifice is giving up the short term pleasure of something (staying out late with friends when you have morning workouts or training through the week) for the long term pleasure of something else (having a great workout that will lend itself to achieving your goals down the road).

When some people see what would be required of them to achieve their goals they give up, they stall and stop because they can’t imagine themselves being comfortable with the sacrifices needed to achieve the outer reaches of their current ability.

So, ''WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO/SACRIFICE? Instead of listing the things you have to do to achieve your goals, I strongly suggest you to write out a list of things that you are willing to endure, to suffer, and to sacrifice in order to kick your goals in the face:

- Will you eat a well balanced meal instead of smashing down takeaway food 5 days per week?

- Will you you train on your shit days and stick to your training program?

- Will you show up to morning HIIT sessions at 'Soul Fit HQ' even though you had a shit nights sleep?

- Will you pass on nights out with your friends because you have a few strength PB's you would like to hit over this training block?

- Will you let others talk you out of achieving your goals?

- Are you willing to prepare your meals for the week so you stay on track with your nutrition?

It’s easy to say what we are ''willing to do to achieve our goals'', but take it a step further and think about what you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals. Consider the questions above, think on the answers, and ask yourself if you are truly prepared to do what is necessary to achieve greatness within yourself.

So, there you have it; ''WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO''? I hope this helps you to stay on track, or motivates you to get started and prepare to get 'Comfortable with being uncomfortable''.

- If it was easy, everyone would do it!



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