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Never Give Up - Beat The BS & NoExcuses #SFTM


When you make those first steps on your health, strength & fitness journey, your ''motivation'' is high and you are pumped, but unfortunately we all face that hurdle when the eagerness slips away. After a few weeks, months or even a year once the novelty wears off, it can be quite difficult to stay motivated and positive. If you grind it out and stick with it, you will find that ''not giving up'' on your goals builds ''character'', and if you can find a way to 'beat the bs', you’ll be a better, stronger and healthier person for it.

Self Pride:

If you persevere through your journey when the going gets tough, you will find there are many opportunities to pat yourself on the back for. The sense of self-pride that this perseverance creates is one of the many ways that not giving up on your goals builds a strong character.

Perhaps you dragged yourself to the gym on that shitty day when you just wanted to curl up on the lounge. Or you pushed through an extra set of squats and deadlifts and ran that extra 800m when your legs where screaming at you to stop and 'give up'. Maybe you turned down a night out on the grog with your mates to go and train at the gym instead.

Many shitty circumstances will arise during your health, strength & fitness journey, and that will be an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can do this and you are capable of getting through the grind. You will become more and more proud of the strong person you are with each accomplishment do (I promise).

Patience, Persistence & Appreciation:

We live in a world of impatience. We want everything right now. In reality, it’s a very childish and immature attitude to have (unfortunately it is human nature). Fad diets and the gimmick fitness gadgets have become a billion dollar industry based on our impatience and insecurity. Once you bite the bullet and accept that you will not reach or achieve all of your fitness goals overnight, you will replace that impatience with some much needed focus and persistence.

Not giving up on your fitness goals builds a strong character by forcing you to develop the trait of ''patience'', which leads to a true appreciation of what you have earned from your own efforts and sacrifice. Let’s face it, no matter what those infomercials promise, you will not be blessed with a 6 pack in a couple weeks time if you have 20kg's to lose. Any strength & fitness goal that is going to last and serve you well takes time to achieve.

When we put time, effort and discipline into something we so desperately desire, we tend to appreciate it much more than if it’s simply handed over to us (earn your rewards).


It’s not easy to drag your ass to the gym on a cold, rainy, dark morning or after a shitty day at work knowing you have to get under a bar and squat or listen to your PT/Coach scream at you to 'push it'.

During your journey to the strong & healthy life, you will come across daily occurrences that test your ability to remain self-disciplined. Turning down certain friendships, planning your meals and workouts, pushing that last extra rep and persevering through the last set of exercises will only make you a better, stronger person both physically and mentally.

The Real Transformation:

Owning a sense of self-pride while practicing patience and self-discipline are all great personality traits. You will experience all of these things if you give your best and stay on track with your no excuses effort and attitude. This is how not giving up on your fitness goals builds character, personality and perhaps best of all, a STRONG mind & STRONG body also.

Always remember, ''If it was easy, everyone would be doing it - dig deep and continue to beat the bs''

#NoExcuses and #BeatTheBs




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