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The Power of a 'Strong Mindset' #SFTM

I set a group of SFTM ladies a challenge at training lastnight (14/7/16) which entailed them ''flipping a 150-200+ kg tractor tyre'' (this is a tyre most of the guys at the gym struggle to flip). Once I gave the group their challenge most of the ladies stood around; thinking and planning how they were going to attack this 'big mother of rubber' - a couple of them had questions, some just waited for others. One of the common questions was, “Jay, how do I flip this big tyre?” My response was, “The same way you have been practicing with the smaller tyres''. After all the anxiety, overthinking and talking - all it took was for 1 member to step up and flip that tyre and then a miracle happen ''the rest of the members realized/believed that they were all STRONG enough to do it also (YES, all members smashed my challenge, flipped that tyre like it was nothing and chucked the challenge back in my face... BOOM BOOM).

Ok, now I have got my little inspiring story out of the way - I would like to share with you some information regarding 'strong mindset'; a strong mind-set just like the ladies in the above story.

Like most things in life (especially in the gym), if we want to become really good at something, we have to consistently work at it (and if we want to be successful and achieve most things we set out to do, we are going to need a strong mindset).

I have come across many quotes at times stating things similar to, “Talent is Over-rated”. The reason I like these type of quotes is because I strongly believe 'talent is not necessarily a gift of fortunate but something that is acquired through what we call dedication and practice. Hard work, independent learning, pushing on through painful and challenging experiences and giving 120% effort is what is needed to train ourselves to achieve greatness in our job, in the gym or in general life.

When it comes to learning how to build a ''strong mindset'', I have realized that this too requires dedication and practice. Learning to build a strong mindset is crucial these days as we might face a sudden change in our work, or encounter a challenge in the gym just like the SFTM members above did with the tyre flip. You are always going to need a strong mindset; that will get you through a challenge (not information that you have read in a book or a conversation you have with friends - all that strength is coming from your mind-set).

How do I define a “strong mindset”?

- Confident

- No excuses

- Focused

- Determined

- Able to take on challenges

- Successfully achieve goals

- Resilient

- Believes in themselves

“It will not be power, influence or the money in your pocket that will help you create a fulfilling life and a warrior attitude in the gym. It will be your ''strong mindset” that will help you 'BEAT THE BS' every time.

How do YOU build a strong mindset?

Here are 4 SFTM traits which play a vital role in helping us build a strong mindset!


We need to pro-actively choose to put into our head each and everyday the ideas, the thoughts and the emotion attached to it to be in the state of mind we wish to action and achieve.

If we want to be productive at work, then we need to give our mind the freedom from distractions by feeding nurturing and empowering ideas. Giving commands and direction that will make our body move towards doing the work and action.

If we don’t choose the thoughts we want, we will find ourselves reacting to the thoughts fed by others (Those around us - Media, whisperers and our overthinking mind).

SFTM Mindfulness Tip: Instead of starting the day thinking, “oh, it’s going to be a shit day.”say, “I am going to make it a great f#cking day.” and smile with confidence. Yes, it may sound abit cliche at first. But just do it over the course of a couple of weeks and you’ll start noticing how much of a better day you’ll have.

I personally love to read and listen to motivation, inspiration quotes and speakers. Reading and hearing it every morning gives me power and drive; it helps me to be centered into a place where my mindset is helping me not hold myself back from pursuing greatness within.


Both of these points go hand-in-hand; we need a strong mind, to create a strong body. If we synergize a positive and empowering mind, we can action a strong body with it.

“Think STRONG - Be STRONG - Act STRONG” - Florante Ramirez.


One of the greatest gifts of today is that the lessons of successes, happiness and failures are synthesized into a book written by some of the greatest thinkers and doers throughout history available to anyone via the internet or in real life.

Reading books, blogs, stories and quotes have given me so much knowledge and understanding of the human mind, body and spirit. Books have made a remarkable contribution to the depth of understanding of my own life and what is possible.

Stretching my once challenged and unfocused brain with knowledge and asking questions to the myself contribute greatly towards a practice of building a strong mindset, and applying that knowledge in a useful and positive way that makes it even more powerful and humbling.

For example; I hate public speaking and big crowds but it's something I have to do to become better. So early this year I did a couple of public speaking talks, and have tried to get behind the video camera more and talk; I even study/keep up to date on many great/world class speakers via online - I also had the opportunity of sitting down with some great speakers and receiving some tips and advice from them after I did my own public speaking (feedback is always great; especially from those that are great at the thing you are trying to do).

Having books with valuable knowledge or access to the internet is useless unless we use it to make a difference in our lives (grow and learn from it). Those with a strong mindset build a foundation of knowledge by reading, understanding and thoughtfully applying their learning to further life pursuit.

“Knowledge is power.”


Delaying short term gratification for long term happiness is paramount for success in so many areas of life. Ask any successful person in any field if success was truly ‘overnight’ for them. There’s simply no such thing as overnight success (If only it was that easy).

It takes self-discipline, self-control and self awareness to stay focused and continue working hard while distractions try to stop us. Incredible self-discipline requires us to make sacrifices that short term thinkers may not be willing to do. Athletes who train during the off season, community workers who work outside 9-5, or the migrant who is willing to work for anything just to put food on the table for their families.

An individual with a strong mindset forces their inner nature to take a course that is longer, often sacrificing pleasures of the present.

When I first started the SFTM movement, I gradually stopped wasting my time partying, drinking and talking shit with the crowds. I was father of 2 and was working in a low paying job at the time - I had know training equipment to train my 2 clients in the park. If I hadn’t forced myself to work when I needed to and study when I needed to, I would never been able to save the money to create 'SOUL FIT HQ'. Looking back, it seems like a no brainer but often when we’re confronted with choices that test our will, we don’t consider the longer term implications of our decision.

SFTM Tip: If you want to be really great at what you do; you need to separate yourself from small thinkers and negative minsets.

“With self-discipline, self control and self awareness, almost anything is possible to achieve”

I strongly believe that by building a strong mindset, we can accomplish any goal, achieve great success and become truly happy in our life and kick ass in the gym.

It begins with understanding the power it has; a strong mindset is not born but created through deliberate practice and dedication.

I hope this latest SFTM blog helps create and support your strong-mindset, so you to can feel the pleasure of kicking those goals inside and outside the gym.

For more training information, please get in contact with us via email or facebook.



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