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4 SFTM Mind Shifts That Will Keep You Motivated

Even if you pursue your 'health & fitness' goals with the most passionate intent, especially through the 'winter' period you’re going to lose motivation (or not feel as motivated - which is quite normal). Things don’t come together as fast as you’d like, your physical and mental game will stall, you’re working crazy hard not knowing if what you’re doing is laying the foundation for success or paving the path towards your own destruction as you battle through the winter blues.

Trying to move forward during 'winter' becomes a pain in the ass and you’d rather go lay on the lounge and watch tv or play video games. In todays latest blog I am going to help inspire your mental game with these 4 SFTM mind shifts to help keep you motivated:

1. Remember your bigger WHY

Every dream or 'health & fitness' goal starts with a WHY! You started making your health & fitness a reality because it serves a bigger purpose. Was bringing these goals to life going to give you a greater sense of freedom or accomplishment to live a happier or healthier life?

So much is thrown at us as we build and progress through the health & fitness journey: business and personal opportunities, poor circumstances and feeling the mental strain from work life. Whenever you’re overwhelmed by any of these, it’s important to step back and remember your bigger WHY.

Then ask yourself - is what I’m struggling with ultimately going to allow me to achieve my greater/long term goal? The answer in most cases should be a resounding a ''YES'', and that yes can be the thing that keeps you going during those BS tough and cold times.

2. Let your VALUES drive you

Many times people give up on something because they realize what they were after wasn’t really their goal, it was someone else’s. In conjunction with your WHY, you have to get in touch with your NEEDS, which aren’t necessarily the same as your WANTS.

Paying attention to what you value in your inner life/wellbeing (peace, contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, etc.) helps lead you to making those VALUES real in your outer/physical wellbeing (lifestyle, relationships, physical success, etc.) Your needs are a reflection of your deeply held values and taking time to understand how your values align with your greater why is important in making sure your 'health & fitness' goal is truly yours.

3. Think about what you WANT

How often do you meet someone who can tell you what they don’t want instead of what they do want? You may know you don’t want x, y, and z but instead of dwelling on the negative, take time to figure out how to explain things in terms of what you do want to achieve. Focusing on what you don’t want has a way of making those exact things show up in your life.

So it’s important to shift your mindset into a more positive state and understand what you do want instead. Knowing what you want also helps you create a clearer vision in your mind. Once you have that vision you can talk about it to friends, family, and even gym partners with passion, confidence, and excitement, all of which will keep your forward momentum going.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude” – Oprah Winfrey

4. Learn to switch gears and ADAPT

On the road to building and achieving your 'health & fitness' goals, it’s important to learn when you’re running a sprint race vs. a marathon. Thinking you need to workout with insane hours all day every day is a recipe for burnout, discouragement, and apathy.

Not only must you learn that stepping back and evaluating the big picture is a valuable skill you must also learn how to use that skill to tell you when to switch between going full out and easing off the gas. Your 'health & fitness' goals doesn’t do anyone, including yourself, any good if you’re too sick, exhausted, depressed or injured to bring it to life, even if it takes a long time to reach the finish line.

Staying in the game for the long-term takes a perseverance, patience, faith, and a deep understanding of why you’re trying to bring your goal to life during the winter. Your ability to stay motivated, even in the midst of those cold and shitty mornings/nights, it is crucial for you to stay on track and continue to make your goals a reality.





Stay on track and continue to work through the tough times - I hope these ''4 SFTM Mind Shifts'' help keep you motivated. 'Stay busy, grind out the shitty days and BEAT THE BS'!!

- Florante Ramirez

I hope you have found this information useful.



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