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SOUL Improvement And Empowerment

Hi Readers

Todays SFTM blog is in regards to ''Self (SOUL) Improvement and Empowerment''; read on and I hope you find some guidance with this information.

Is it possible to care enough for yourself, that you will find the strength to nurture and put yourself first? I say YES; it is your responsibility to do so. I think the best thing you can do for you is to teach yourself how to step back and listen to your mind, body and spirit. But let's face it - it's a skill, a talent and a gift if you want to do this - especially if you have never done it. Doing this kind of self care requires commitment like that of a parent.

Ok, check out a few SFTM tips to help get YOU started on YOUR ''SOUL Improvement & Empowerment'' Journey:

1. REFLECT: Do you have time to reflect and think things through, or are you always harried, frazzled and stressed? Well if you spend most of your days in this anxiety/depressed prone state you will not be on the road to a healthy and happy long term journey.

- Learning to slow down and say ''no'' to all the distractions which take you away from your true self/your true core - will re-generate and empower your mind, body and soul/spirit.

Sounds like unfamiliar territory?? Well, you must learn to put yourself first by creating time without pressure, and taking the time to give to yourself - even just a little (it doesn't have to be a lot of time, just enough to think and listen to yourself more).

2. EXERCISE (Physical & Mental Training): I love to exercise/meditate/chill out; I find it a source of grounding, clarity and a place where my imagination/thoughts can run free. I get to work things out in my mind and through the actions of my body. It's a safe and uncrowded place for me to explore and be as honest as I possibly can with myself. I know you may not find this easy to do and may in fact run from the mere mention of sitting down closing your eyes, breathing and focusing only on your own thoughts, or being an absolute maniac in the gym and just going crazy on the weights. I know there may be some people looking at this and screaming out "I have no time, I cannot slow down, and I'm not much of a trainer/exerciser. Well, all you have to do is "Start with small steps and focus on the things you CAN DO''. Remember this is a place to get to know yourself better.

3. MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY: Don't take yourself too seriously. Don't dismiss any thoughts or ideas you have. Value them all - they are a part of you. Never attack, criticize or put yourself down in any way (Remember; there are people out there that can do that for you - you don't need to be 1 of them). You want to be supportive of yourself at all times, love yourself enough and be proud of who you are.

4. DO MORE OF THE THINGS YOU LOVE TO DO: There is nothing better than enjoying the things you 'love to do'; So, choose to do this more (what ever you enjoy doing; do more of it). Do shit that gives you enjoyment and empowerment.

So, there you have it - I will keep this blog short and sweet today and straight to the point.





I hope you find this latest SFTM blog useful and it has opened up your mind to some much needed self care.

If you require more information regarding training, please feel free to give me a buzz via email or facebook.



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