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5 Qualities You Need to Achieve Your Goals & Results!

I have had many goals and some I have been able to achieve such as;

* Branching my own training business from a 1 car garage to now operating out of a 200sqm warehouse gym (Soul Fit HQ).

* Mentoring and training TAFE students to achieve their goals of making it into the Police Force.

* and achieving my own health, strength & fitness goals along the way also.

Reaching success and achieving goals doesn't come easy—it takes a huge commitment and it takes a lot of determination each time you set yourself a goal or challenge. But let’s face it - the reality is sometimes we give up on our goals because we don’t follow through on everything we should do - YES, we all do it or we have done it at some stage in our lives.

So I thought I would share and empower you with my latest SFTM blog- The ''5 Qualities You Need to Achieve Your Goals & Results'' so you can start TODAY and take these tools and move up that path and reach your full potential and not be another individual who doesn’t achieve greatness within themselves .

In my work as a Team Leader, Small Business Operator, Trainer, Coach and Mentor I talk with many people that have not achieved their goals - it’s not because their goal wasn’t a great one, it’s because they give up too soon, way before reaping the rewards of their efforts and time.

If this resonates with you, I hope what I share with you can change all of that - so you can transform into a person who achieves their dreams and gets the results they want in life, health & fitness.

So please find the 5 SFTM qualities you need to reach your goals & results:


I have always believed that everything starts with a positive mindset. What you put your mind to is where you will put action to. You have to believe in yourself and stay positive as much as you can. Some of the best ways to do this are to surround yourself with positive, inspiring people; journal your progress; and start each day reading an inspirational article or listening to something positive and motivational.


At times when you are trying to reach a large goal, there are people that are going to say “NO” to what you want and need. You're not going to be the first person to be laughed at and judged, and you sure as hell wont be the last. Strong, successful people do not give up - keep in mind, strength & success is all mindset, if you think strength & success, you ARE strength & success. ” So keep moving forward on your goals. Always believe that today is going to be your day - make sure you OWN IT.


You must also find strength in patience when going for goals and results. We all want to achieve our goals today. We want everything right now and as quick as possible, but sometimes the timing isn’t right for our goal and ourselves. Remember, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” Get into a mindset that the wait will be worth it. Take massive action on anything that you can, but remember that great things take time. Your dreams are worth the wait.


Throughout our lives, there are people and situations that will try to throw us off our path to success and block us from reaching greatness within ourselves. There will be people that will try to tell you that you can’t do it, and there will be challenges along the way that might want to make you quit. Resilience is definitely a quality that you need to have in order to make it. If you find yourself doubting yourself at times, one of the best things you can do is hire or find a mentor/coach to help you positively push through the negative shit. Alone you can do a lot, but together with the right support system, you’ll find that you’ll accomplish so much more.


Keep an open mind and “Always take the attitude of a student who wants to LEARN. Never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.” You must always learn and grow through life because that will help you achieve great success. You must have an open mind to the possibilities and opportunities out there. Surround yourself with really smart, fit, strong and healthy people who you can learn and grow from. When you surround yourself with others who have already taken the path that you are on, it’ll open you up to great strategies to achieve success.

Before I close off this blog I want to leave you with these words - YOU deserve to achieve YOUR goals and dreams. If want it, you have to go for it - but you have to do the right things to reach achievement, and you have to work your ass off and give 120%.

''THERE IS NO SECRETS - EVERYTHING IS BASED ON EFFORT & QUALITIES''. I hope you all find this SFTM blog useful and it sets you on a path of achievement and success.

Cheers J

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