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I don't know about you, but I would always get so caught up with the whole "lean & muscles" aspect of fitness. It really felt as if abs, bikini bodies and being shredded as f*ck was the deciding factor for any type of success, and if you don't have them or reached some sort of physical appearance, you've failed OR you are a FAILURE. It's an easy mindset to get caught up in, especially when there is so many BS products manipulating us of the perfect image. After all, most of us are trying to improve some physical aspect of our bodies, and a lean body with muscles is something many people would love to have too. But what I am trying to say is - ''Dont be so focused on abs, muscles and getting shredded as f*ck or any other physical appearance you wish you had for that manner. Please don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting abs or a fit, lean body what so ever. However, a lot of us have deeper body image issues, and having the body of our dreams isn't going to make those go away. With this latest SFTM blog I am inviting you to start controlling your health & fitness - control of self, control of your thoughts, and control of your life. When you put these things into perspective, the perfect body image you desire seems almost not as important as the above. When I've asked SFTM members or other people who have successfully achieved a dramatic body transformation what is the biggest difference they have noticed between them ''now'' and them "pre body transformation", I very rarely here someone acknowledge the muscles or perfect body they have. Instead, many will point out their new MINDSET on not just fitness, but also towards health and life in general. They will point out the changes they've made to the way they make choices, and the habits they develop during their transformation that transfer over to their financial, employment and personal life too. So, while the perfect body is great to have and see, and yes - even show off, in comparison to better self-control and improved confidence and health, it falls second to none. These things have the potential to be life-changing for you, it might not sound like a great deal, but if you are tired of feeling like a failure, start with taking control and being responsible enough to put yourself first. Don't let abs and the fight for a perfect body hold you back from realizing your true potential. Health & Fitness creates synergy in life. It shouldn't be there to beat you down. It's not there to fuel negative self-talk and create emotional eating and disorders. Health & Fitness should be changing the way you see things. It will teach you about yourself. It will put you back in control of your body and life. Approaching health & fitness with the mindset of achieving yourself some abs and a perfect body can't do that, because it's not about the perfect image or how physically strong an individual is. Create your own unique and individual journey and fuel it with healthy decisions. Get comfortable in your own skin, whatever that skin looks like now or in the future. Taking back control of your mind and body starts now, with YOU. Don't wait for the muscles or weight loss to show and expect things to change. Every good decision you make is taking you one step closer to self-acceptance. How you THINK and FEEL along your health & fitness journey matters 10 times more than how good you may look. Stop the comparing, stop the wishing, get to work and be honest with yourself - another words 'BEAT THE BS' and 'NO EXCUSES'. Also, when I write you these type of blogs, it isn't coming from a place of being a trainer/coach preaching to you, it is coming from a person who battled an eating and image disorder for almost 8-10 years. I hope you have found this blog useful, if you have any questions, please feel free to message me on SFTM (facebook) or email me.

kind regards


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