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I have been coming across a few people talking to me about diets, and how they are doing this one and what that one does, so I thought I would just do a quick blog on my thoughts about diets.

I DONT LIKE DIETS - They are highly ineffective for long-term weight loss and overall health & wellness. Research shows that 1 in 4 people start a new and different diet every year. Out of all these people, 20% of them will succeed at losing weight and keep it off.

What happens to the other 80 percent? The majority of the people actually lose a little bit of weight at the beginning. Then, they not only regain their weight, they end up gaining even more weight than when they started.

So why do the majority of people gain weight when they diet? The answer is quite simple - MUSCLE LOSS.

When we talk about diets, we're talking about any temporary change to your eating patterns. The idea of "going on a diet" infers that you'll be returning to your old eating habits once you're done. What does the anatomy of a diet look like.

  • low calories.

  • reduced energy and intensity in the gym and in general life.

  • fewer nutrients due to lower calories.

  • quick (but short-lived) weight loss.

  • slowed metabolism.

  • increased cravings.

All of these things create the perfect storm for muscle loss. They also create a reverse rebound effect once you start eating "normal" again. Even losing just 2kg of lean body mass can slow your metabolism enough that your old calorie intake is now too much. Combine that with a slowed metabolism from hormone down-regulation and add in some binge eating behavior, and you have a perfect recipe for weight gain. Each time you diet again you dig yourself deeper into a hole. This is the main reason why people diet their entire lives yet continue to gain weight. If you want to stop the cycle you have to put the diet mentality behind you. Focus your efforts on creating healthy eating HABITS. The more habits you accumulate, the closer you will come to your goal.

All a DIET ever gave me was insecurity with myself, eating disorders and a SHITTY Yo-Yo lifestyle.

STOP THE BS DIETS & WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS. If you have any questions in regards to todays SFTM blog, please dont heistate to email me or message me on facebook (Jay SoulFit). Live a happy, healthy & strong life.

kind regards


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