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Positive and Strong Group = Support and bringing out the best in YOU!

In this SFTM blog I am going to share with you the benefits of being involved in a 'Positive and Strong Group'. Lets face it, if you are the type of person who struggles to accomplish something on your own then being involved in a 'Positive & Strong' Group is something YOU need- this could be the difference between you staying on track and achieving your health & fitness goals.

You are 10 times more likely to give 50% more effort then if you were on your own, this is why it is of great benefit- you will not be able to supplement this type of influence and there is not going to be any information out there that is going to give you this type of motivation and support. WAIT, before you go out and join the nearest Group Fitness Class or Bootcamp, I strongly suggest you shop around with this advice I am giving you first, see what is out there first- WHY? Because you dont want to join a group that isn't motivated to do shit, you dont want to join a social club, you want to join a group that is going to bring out the BEST in you, not your WORSE. Remember, if you need to be motivated or pushed, the last thing you want to do is join a group that doesn't take their health & fitness seriously. By shopping around and researching you will be able to compare and see the difference between groups or fitness clubs, dont just join the first thing that pops up otherwise you will never know the difference between a good and bad experience.

Other reasons to be involved in a 'Positive & Strong Group';

- Lets face it, sometimes our circle of friends aren't the most positive influence when we are trying to accomplish health & fitness goals (I'm not trying to say ditch your friends and family, I'm saying- when you invest in a particular area of your life, we need to seek advice and support from qualified professionals and groups to help us achieve those goals).

- You will find people stronger and fitter than you, dont see this as a negative thing though, its important you are around individuals like this, they will bring out the best in you- these type of people will push you to become better, eg; I try my best to be around people stronger, fitter and more qualified then me, this has helped with my development in all areas of life, if you want to become better, we need to be around people that are like minded or individuals that excel at something we need to improve on.

- LEARN and seek SUPPORT; the stronger the people around you, the more people there is to pick you up when you need that push.

Remember, 'IF IT DOESN'T CHALLENGE YOU, IT WONT CHANGE YOU'- Approach this saying with your training and also with the group you choose to be around, I understand this approach isn't for everyone, but you cant let your ego get in the way of being challenged- break your ego to build your confidence.

I hope you find this SFTM blog useful, if you have any questions, please feel free to make contact with me via email or 'Jay SoulFit' on facebook.

kind regards


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